Under the domain name wgl.hu a knowledge management framework system is functioning, its name is:


Knowledge-Sharing Solutions (KSS).


The frameworkis a web-based database restingon the ISO-standard Topic Maps. The framework is cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere by a browser. In addition to the basic functions (access control, encryption, etc.) the option of changing the language/country of the content is also included in the framework.


KSSis aimed primarily for open or closed knowledge sharing within small communities. Applications can be generated according to user needs.


In addition to notes, the framework also manages documents (data), it is consequently suitable for the construction of document managing applications.


The knowledge bases can be in organizations found under the domain name wgl.hu. By organization an organization or set of topics is understood. Users can create knowledge bases in the organizations within the framework system.

Majororganizations, which are scheduled to come under the wgl.hu:

User Guide (URI: gui),

EDMS (URI: dm),

Standards (URI: st),

Family trees (URI: fa).


Currently,we have included a test organisation, more specifically a StKSS knowledge base:



Motto: Everyone is entitled to a little piece of the cloud to be able to share or hide his thoughts.